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Kinsta Music is not a no name. We had over 7,000 musical stars on MySpace back in the later half of 2010. They were from different genres from R&B to rock n' roll. We also had Berry Gordy, Bob Johnson and Russell Simmons. We were also asked for friendship by the producers of Glee, a lot of rock bands and a local club. We also had over 80 producers in the Atlanta area and over 20 producers in the New York area. We had many local bands in the ATL. We had top people in the record industry that many know about. We had a total of 10,000+ recording artists on our MySpace. On another site called we got a surprise. We were asked for friendship by Tavis Smiley and Anthony Anderson on both of our profiles with the urls babydollhair and rovimedia. We didn't advertise our Blackplanet profiles during that time, so we were surprised that they found both of our profiles instead of one. Other celebrities followed suit...asking for friendship of both of our profiles. The celebrities that were on MySpace and BlackPlanet are secret with their talk and that keeps this show host real.

The CEO of Kinsta Music is Robin Victoria Williams with the headquarters in Atlanta, GA. She is from a small town called Lawtey, Florida and left to go to south Florida when she was 6 years old. She was a musical genius when she was 6 years old. She just got on the piano and started playing music by ear. She loved hearing the church choir sing at Mount Olive Baptist Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with the Reverend Dr. Mack King Carter in the year 1981. Her favorite song was "God Has Smiled on Me." It inspired her to want to sing in the choir at an older age. Later on during her childhood, she was in band, the flag corp and the dance troop all at the same time. The skill level of this middle school in Lawtey was like a high school. She also sang in the church choir at Revival Faith Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with the Pastor Janice L. Dillard from 1989 to 1993 and sang in the Dillard High School Chorus from 1989 to 1992. The DHS chorus sung mostly Opera and some Gospel with instructor Ms. Mae Jenkins. We traveled an performed around different churches and venues including my old church, Mount Olive Baptist Church. I remember Lashawn Hayes tearing up the mic like she lost her mind. I distinctly remember her leading the song "Abraham, Martin and John." How did she put soul into that song? Everybody loved to hear her sing. I also remember during our down time one day after choir practice, some of our best choir members competing with each other with the song, "Congratulations." I didn't even have a man marry on me, and I still felt that woman's pain. They tore it up better than the artist in the darn song. We also sung the Black National Anthem very often, "Lift Every Voice and Sing." There was also a male group that sung deep harmony that blew everybody's mind. The Dillard High School Chorus was special. It was visited by famous artists like Gerald Levert, who had fun with Robin that his crew knows about, Tracy Spencer, YoYo, who Robin got an autograph from in pencil on a raggedy piece of paper and Mc Lyte just to name a few.

Kinsta Music Talk Radio is now on a break. We will be gone until further notice. Come to this site to get updates on show times and schedules in the future. The call-in number for the live radio broadcast is (563) 999-3640.

The CEO of Kinsta Music is also a Pastor. She owns a radio show called by her title and first name. It is at The call in number for that live broadcast is (516) 387-1642. She is a Unitarian Pastor.

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